Photo Manipulation & Photo Rescue

It has been a useful skill set to be able to adjust photos as needed for a project. Sometimes it is basic corrective, and other times I have transplanted heads and body parts, or created a new locale. Needs vary. Sometimes a photo will need more background for proportional reasons. Much is (disturbingly) possible.

It is also possible to rescue old photos that have faded or discolored. I have a large format scanner here to scan your images at a high resolution to provide as much data as possible for the restoration.

I will not post any samples of corrective work to a public site, or photos from TV projects – but I can discreetly show some examples if needed.

Side note – the photo of Julie, Gene, and Tony Charmoli was sitting faded in a window in Tony’s house. It was too good of a photo to be lost to the ravages of time. Afterwards, I gave a copy to Gene’s wife, Patricia, so she’d have a copy of the restored image as well. It is from when Tony directed Julie’s TV series.

Sometimes a Photoshop project requires creating something from nothing. In one instance above the client needed a flying saucer in the sky –and another needed a photo of a realistic alien. I created the elements by working with purchased stock imagery and and a lot of manipulation.