Twelfth NIght

I was hired to be the guest set designer for a production of Twelfth Night at West Valley Junior College in San Jose, CA. The skeletal designs were greatly enhanced by a talented lighting designer. Together it became a beautiful production that was almost balletic.

This particular theater space had two small side stages flanking the main stage, and it was there we showed the wreckage of the ship during the storm. The brother on one side and the sister on the other side. Each actor rocked their raft by shifting their weight, while supernumeraries waved ocean fabric before and behind to create the ocean’s turbulence. The fabric was simple sheer pale blue fabric that had been spattered by many watered down ocean-like paint colors, and a little glitter to pick up the lights which were also playing out the storm. It was very effective and though it is a tiny scene it set up the following storyline perfectly.