WordPress Websites

WordPress Websites

I build WordPress websites and will give you a personalized instruction PDF to make it simpler for you to update your site once it is built. My general rule of thumb is that once the site is built and later changes are needed, if I can do them in under 30 minutes I will do them for free. If they take longer than 30 minutes I will charge in 15 minute increments starting from when I began. I want to make you look good and will do my best to make the process as affordable and stress free as I am able to. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. I am pretty comfortable to work with.

I used to build websites in HTML, but as devices became more diverse I find it is simpler to let WordPress figure out the flexible grid for you. I am not going to list all the HTML sites I have built here, but I have built quite a few over the years and I have to say I appreciate the simplicity of a WordPress design.

The websites shown here are for great people and I encourage you to explore what they offer and buy their books and their art!






I have also built a lot of sites the old fashioned way. I had a lot of fun with rollover GIFs in the days when we were using mice instead of fingers to navigate. Every time the mouse would move, the characters in the site would change position. Animated GIFs still hold a lot of possibilities if you want to explore their use to make your website more playful. But these are some images from past sites.