Book Projects

I have created book covers for many books – many for fictitious editions for TV shows, and quite a few for books in the real world. For many of the television projects, time frames are quick and we pay to use stock imagery within the designs. But I’ve also laid out the interiors of quite a few books – editing and shaping text as needed for each project.

I ended up writing a good bit of Tony Charmoli’s book as I worked with him to write down his memories of his long career in entertainment. Tony had a distinct way of writing and I tried to keep his informal voice as I fleshed out his stories with research and interviews with others who were there. It was a wonderful journey into his memories.

Pursuits of Whimsey is my own book. You can find out more about it at:

These are books that have been published.

These are faux book covers and partial interiors that have been created for television shows with stock imagery that has been licensed for usage.

A few magazines and printed materials that have been created with licensed stock imagery to be used on camera on TV shows.